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The Boston Globe

Do motivational apps really work? That may depend on you. - The ...

Turning some of life’s mandatory tasks into a game can be fun, and it certainly puts a new spin on a daily routine, but does it work?

The Boston Globe

‘West Wing’ press secretary makes real-life White House appearance - The Boston Globe

Actress Allison Janney reprised her C.J. Cregg role in the Press Briefing Room to deliver a message about opioid abuse....

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The Boston Globe

’Game of Thrones’ author George R.R. Martin teases twist in new book - The Boston Globe

Martin said that “Winds of Winter,” the upcoming entry in the series, will contain a twist that involves a character who’s been killed off in the show....

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The Boston Globe

‘Frozen’ star Idina Menzel addresses campaign to give Elsa a girlfriend - The Boston Globe

In “Frozen,” the ice queen Elsa didn’t have a love interest. But for the sequel, what about writing her a girlfriend?...

The Boston Globe

‘Fallout 4’ envisions Boston’s history in a post-apocalyptic future

It’s funny how much post-apocalyptic Boston looks like a typical New England winter....

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The Boston Globe

Inspection head dines at reopened Chipotle in Brighton - The Boston Globe

Commissioner William Christopher ate at the Beacon Street location on Monday after it reopened following a norovirus outbreak....

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The Boston Globe

New to Boston Comic Con? A few survival tips - The Boston Globe

For the freshman attendee, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that the first con doesn’t go horribly....

The Boston Globe

WPI student hacks ‘Soda Drinker’ video game to help stroke patients rehab

“Soda Drinker Pro” is a small indie video game that lets you walk around and drink soda. You can drink soda on a beach or drink soda in a park. That’s about it. However, it’s become a cult hit on PC, with a version set to be released on the...

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The Boston Globe

Kit Harington wasn’t good at keeping ‘Game of Thrones’ secrets - The Boston Globe

Even though the “Game of Thrones” show runners told Kit Harington not to reveal anything about Jon Snow, the actor couldn’t help telling some people....

The Boston Globe

What to expect when you’re hatching a bald eagle - The Boston Globe

The first signs of egg hatching were spotted at the nest Wednesday night, with the eaglet fully emerging from its shell on Friday....

The Boston Globe

Richard family reaches out following Paris attacks - The Boston Globe

The Martin Richard Foundation posted a message in French, drawn by Jane Richard, to Facebook on Saturday....

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The Boston Globe

‘Powerpuff Girls’ harness their powers for a new generation - The Boston Globe

Haley Mancini grew up with the orginal show. Now she’s writing scripts for the series reboot....