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The intersection of technology and culture, as well as pop culture analysis; news writing; editing; interviews; the full package.

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Molasses flood feature main article

AAA Refugees: The Flame in the Flood and the Rise of the Boston ...

The New England games community is a unique force.

Embed With Games by Cara Ellison Review

Journalist Cara Ellison spent two years traveling the world to tell the stories of game developers. Embed With Games collects her articles into a single book....

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Life is Strange Episode 5 Review: The Love You Take

Beneath all the time travel, Life is Strange is about relationships and recognizable people....

Armada and the Geek Hero Complex: Why Ernest Cline Needs to Move On

To have a book like Armada in 2015, where being a nerd means being oppressed, where being the hero means proving that being into Star Wars is acceptable, where interests such as technology and science fiction need to be validated on a grand scale, is old-fashioned and counterproductive....

Plague Inc. and Ebola: The Unsettling Realism of Epidemic Simulators

Epidemic simulators are useful for scientists, but can they be enjoyed as entertainment?...

10 Free Horror Games For Halloween

Paste looks at ten of the best free horror games, because Halloween is all about getting scared and getting stuff for free....

Silent Killer: Mental Illness and Videogames as Therapy

If people suffering from mental illness can see their experiences mirrored on the screen or in art, then maybe they can seek out help or resources....

RymdResa Review: Philosophical Space Investigations

There's too much luck in RymdResa....

White Night Review: Black Hat

White Night has a cool art style and a great score but is a rough game to play through....

Why a Woman Should Host The Daily Show

A woman host would bring a new perspective to The Daily Show and help kill the "women aren't funny" canard....

Open uri20160719 6866 1fs3yf4 article

Richard and Alice Review (PC)

This winter was one of the worst in recent memory. Snow fell into April, accumulating on already sizable snow banks and crippling some southern American cities that weren't prepared for the cold....

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Simon Karlsson on the Papercraft of A Song for Viggo

When people talk about graphics and video games, they usually refer to a sense a realism, or how closely a game can get to looking like live action. When people talk about the graphics for A Song for Viggo, realism takes on a whole new meaning....